Aug 30 , 2021 by FlorreW

Intrepid Izzy Released

The long wait is over , without my special edition recived yet, i still can tell this game is going to be a blast !

Quote from Senile teams webpage:

"From the creators of Beats of Rage and Rush Rush Rally comes an action adventure whose gameplay and graphics are like a wonderful marriage between classic and modern gaming. Explore a colourful and imaginative world as the lovable, witty and above all intrepid Izzy."

Link to homepage (with links to where to order) here.

Aug 15 , 2021 by FlorreW

First Review done

I dont stress it, i like doing this when i like to. Now the first review is done at least. Its the racing game Tokyo Xtreme Racer. Read all about it here.

July 24 , 2021 by FlorreW

Openmenu gui for GDEMU

Mrneo240 is working hard on a new menu for all gdemu users out there. It looks alot better then the old one we got (Gdmenu).Atm it supports Gdi images only and NTSC-U , PAL and some NTSC-J images.

You can get the latest release at his Github.
If you enjoy the software and want to support him you can by "buying him a coffe" at ko-fi.
Thread about this software at Dreamcast talk.